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New Hold on there, pardner.
I'm not complaining at all. I would have been pleasantly surprised, but not shocked, if everything had upgraded without a hitch. I was able to do an upgrade of Kubuntu a few weeks after release without issues. Tonight I was just seeing what would happen.

It was prompted by a discussion at work with someone who is trying to get a new Mac laptop and thinking about running Parallels or VMWare to run the occasional Windows program. I hadn't booted Kubuntu in a while so I decided to do so.

Few get as annoyed with Windows as me; but it takes a while to get comfortable enough to make the jump. I've had good luck with MEPIS, but the fact that it's such a small distro makes me nervous. Ubuntu has the mindshare, but a few minor things seem to happen now and again that I don't know enough about yet to fix. Raw Debian sounds safest, but developing the knowledgebase and comfort level to get things done with confidence will likely take more time than I can give right now.

Don't be too hard on Andrew. Please.


New Oh, don't worry about me.
My hide was tempered on Usenet back in the olden days.

This month I've prepped several Debian servers for shipment to Florida and Michigan. RAID, terminal servers, SAMBA, ftp, ssh, bar code printers, tape drives, etc. - mostly upgrades replacing SCO Open Server boxes. Some I built, others are Dells.

The accounting VAR I configure for knows they go in without a hitch and he's sending me a couple more Dells next week - but this time I have to figure out how to make a USB flash driver work - I hope that's not "an interesting problem".

Fortunately I don't have to worry about "in place upgrades" - these machines won't be touched for 5 to 10 years - baring hardware failures.
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