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New And, of course -- this warm welcome will be encouraging

New And how could that have been helped? Are you saying we...
...should have shouted joyful hallelujahs at his vandalism?

   [link|mailto:MyUserId@MyISP.CountryCode|Christian R. Conrad]
(I live in Finland, and my e-mail in-box is at the Saunalahti company.)
Ah, the Germans: Masters of Convoluted Simplification. — [link|http://www.thetruthaboutcars.com/?p=1603|Jehovah]
New Nah - just hadn't read enough foribuses yet
to see the extent / why all the Unpleasantness at the Belonna Club.

After further perusal I had this take: since he realizes ever so more precisely than I, the possible clean-up drill (had the s/ware been rendered less idiot-proof, say? - by a lesser Admin) - this seems an action of someone spooked, by whatever. Annoying - apparently.

Malicious? never entered my pretty little head. Surely there is no simmering techno-marlowe at work here. Or a sort who might drop in with a passel of made-up names from some B-grade space opera.
(Though there certainly are a lot of cryptic unused handles stuffing our login ballot box. Guess someone wants to see '1000' - just to see 1000?)

Could circumstances have forced him to work, for a number of weeks -- in a city-block sized room full of Windows Server 2xxx-WTF, and AD? (I read through that manual once, peeped 'AD' and.. I'd eat ground glass before ..) Or some other IT-water-boarding equivalent?

Perhaps he'll explain, if not sent to Coventry first (?) Hope so.

I guess I'm more tolerant of aberrant behaviour, now; there's more of it around.
Could hardly be surprising, here in the Fatherland. We must desensitize selves, save the energy / consider the Milieu: our naive national experiment in laissez-faire, letting delinquents act out all their repressed Power fantasies for all these years: WTF would you expect?

(And the full measure of keening, gnashing of teeth.. hasn't even been glimpsed, yet - wait'll we-all see what it's like here - in 2008.)


New What's a foribus?
New Latin: Imperfect Future Subjunctive for "forum"
New A bus w/ full time 4-wheel drive?
Made by the Largest Auto Manufacturer In The World, no doubt.
"It's hard for me, you know, living in this beautiful White House, to give you a firsthand assessment."
George W. Bush, when asked if he believed Iraq was in a state of civil war (Newsweek, 26 Feb 07)
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                             All that did was remind me of... - (folkert)
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                                 I don't think his stupid editing bot will answer you. -NT - (CRConrad) - (8)
                                     Yeah, something seems to be up. Hope he's OK. -NT - (jake123) - (7)
                                         he is... back to his normal thoughtfulness -NT - (folkert) - (6)
                                             And, of course -- this warm welcome will be encouraging -NT - (Ashton) - (5)
                                                 And how could that have been helped? Are you saying we... - (CRConrad) - (4)
                                                     Nah - just hadn't read enough foribuses yet - (Ashton) - (3)
                                                         What's a foribus? -NT - (crazy) - (2)
                                                             Latin: Imperfect Future Subjunctive for "forum" -NT - (Another Scott)
                                                             A bus w/ full time 4-wheel drive? - (jb4)
                     I prefer "quirky place" - (Nightowl) - (4)
                         The LRPD I was quoting said silly. -NT - (ben_tilly) - (3)
                             Will the real LRPD please stand up? -NT - (FuManChu) - (1)
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                             Ah, sorry - (Nightowl)

You wouldn't know what normal was if it rode into town on the normal express, kicked down your door with its size normal boots, danced into your living room wearing nothing but the word "normal" and sang "normality is here again" on your dining room table whilst dancing the foxtrot.
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