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New Good DJ applications?
Wonder where I've been? Well, I've been getting laidlearning how to Lindy Hop like crazy. One of the things that I decided to do on the side to get laidhave some fun was organize a series of free Swing dances at the Seattle Center. I just found out that my first volunteer DJ dropped out, I have two weeks to go (June 17th is the first dance) and I'll be the DJ instead.

Oh boy.

I've never DJed before in my life. I have a sound system provided by some people, I have a laptop with everything ripped to 192kbps MP3 (I know, but it works with everything) and Windows XP (I don't have time to move it to Linux before the dance with everything else I'm doing - there's funkiness with the wireless card & Linux, amongst other things) and that's about it. Somebody told me to get a USB dongle soundcard so that I can preview tracks before dropping them in, but didn't mention a good model, just that Turtle Beach has a decent one for $25.

The other problem? Since this is free, I have NO budget for this. So spending $200 for a DJ app which I'll only ever use once and then never look at again is also not an option.

What I need:

1. An application that can either run two copies, with each one pointed at a different sound device, or that can run multiple sound devices within a single application.

2. An application that can figure out the beats per minute of a song and tag the .mp3 file with the data - iTunes seems to have some limited capability in that regard, but is only giving about 30-50% of the songs BPM tags, and leaving the rest blank.

3. A good USB soundcard that isn't going to break the bank.

Any suggestions?

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New Re: Good DJ applications?
You need these things why?

[link|http://www.pcdj.com/|pcdj] is 50 for the download of the basic version. With a single channel sound card you can mix but you can't cue (listen) to the next song.

SO, if you're looking to just smash songs together and play them through a big stereo...thats what you need. No other sound card (unless you want to cue, hot mix, etc.)
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New Re: Good DJ applications?
One problem is I don't know the music really REALLY well yet, so I'd like to cue the song before I dump it in the playlist live, and make sure it's a good match for the crowd's mood. Hence the need for an extra sound card for my laptop.

I'm spending the next two weeks camping the DJ's booth at every single Lindy event, trying to learn from those who are already doing it. I know I'm jumping feet first into the deep end, but hell, that's how I've done everything else in my life, not about to stop now. ^_^
Odoru aho ni miru aho!
Onaji aho nara odoranya son son!
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