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New Thanks - homework time
Good point re 98.. probably only a Moz developer would have a handle on likeliest culprit. Then too - it's been years since I've seen a purely-OS crash needing 'reset', although the evident msvcrt incompatibility still leaves the culprits moot. Good idea to see if FF would be immune - seems also likelier that *nix would have no sissy too-tiny buffers everywhere; will give that a try, too.

(Somewhere, some time ago I read of a .dll version alleged to be superior to the default; turned out you had to d/l some 100+ MB of bugfixes for some VB-add-on! just to get *that* version from the Beast. Yashure..)

Given that there is a rudimentary file sys, I see that I need to grok how you extirpate sections (other than just a folder at a time), reassemble pieces after massaging. Peering at Source may suggest some redundancies best preserved along the way(?)
Or - hints in your linked utils may clear that up.

Thanks for the leads. Actually, much of the 'data' needs no saved (now obsolete) URL at all, so may be best just collected in a file, searched by keyword == no structuring! (Not even Info Select\ufffd)

Hadn't considered a home page, see the appeal - still, it's a bit late .. after it's all grown jus' like Topsy. I've counted on search to solve the random filing and now.. and Now - they want to force me to be Organized !?

WTF they think I Be - a CPA !?


Yeah, I know -- 98 IS long-in-tooth -- but it's kinda an endurance game now, and frees the Cpq for more daring what-if-I-do-THIS?'s -- Maybe July - retire it on 6th Anniv. ;^>
New If you've got a lot of old cruft, Xenulink may be useful.
[link|http://home.snafu.de/tilman/xenulink.html|Xenulink] is a tool that checks for bad links. It might be a good tool for cleaning out your bookmarks (after saving them as an html file).

I haven't used it myself, but may do so if I get a chance...

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                 If you've got a lot of old cruft, Xenulink may be useful. - (Another Scott)

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