"Vista file permissions problems" snags 1.12 M! Already.

That's 1/300th of the US population (all ages) and, it's barely out. Boy, is it Out.

(Hmmm maybe results of my 'joint project', vetting the slick 70 MB Puppy Linux on a bunch of local machines - can prove handy for the legions of the disaffected, eventually.)

Did I mention that the developer speaks fluent English, realizes his clients are mostly being weaned off Beastware.. and sees his project as a decent *nix intro, whatever demanding types might eventually want to move to.

I like.. that he defaults to Abiword; thus the whole collection can reside on Ramdisk (or most any other medium.)

Billy and Shrub appear to share a certain Standard of Excellence.
Is this a Great Country / or What.