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New Wow. I mean, just... Wow.
(I think I'm [at least semi-]quoting an LRPDism there, something originally uttered perhaps by BeeP?)

Anyway: Wow!

What a *complete* fucking idiot.

I mean, sure, I've only read about a sixth of the thread so far -- but he's already managed to claim at least twice that the BSD guy copied the GPL code "by mistake".

How the FUCK do you copy code verbatim "by mistake"?!? Like, "Oops, my fingers must have slipped on the copy-and-paste keys!", or what? "And then I must have done a CSV commit without noticing."...?

I always knew he had a big mouth, but before it always seemed to me that he also had the facts on his side. Not so any more.

Well, if ever I try a *BSD, it's not going to be his.

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New what is interesting is that the original winders tcp stack
is just about vertabrim bsd(the original berkley) code. Now the gpl folk are claiming same. Not enough info. Was there cross polination? Is the GPL folks claming the entire bsd code base needs to be published because of some copying in the broadcom stack code?
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Or at least the 1st couple of messages (terrible interface)
New It is amazing. (The "Wow..." was tseliot #100404.)
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             It is amazing. (The "Wow..." was tseliot #100404.) -NT - (Another Scott)
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