for a help desk. It has been a while, but I'll see what I can recall.

We couldn't find an existing one that fit our needs. I actually wrote it in Visual BASIC and MS-Access later converted to SQL Server for a tool maker I worked for in 1994-1996. It was a good job, and I was downsized, but they gave me a good send off. The management had blown a deal with Sears and they had to downsize 10% of all employees. I was the highest paid Computer Specialist in the IT department so they picked me to cut down on costs.

Anyway you basically create a trouble ticket or whatever you use to track problems/trouble and have a knowledge base of resolved solutions that you can look through with detailed steps that show how to resolve the problem. Now the bulk of the text was a memo field, but we used keywords and Access limited us to 255 characters in the text field as memo was not searchable. I expect that modern databases got around those limitations. You need a date-time stamp for a start and end datestamp so you know how long the help desk worker was working on the problem and how long it takes to resolve.

If I can recall any more, I'll help you. I cannot believe it was that long ago.