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New Re: "ipconfig /flushdns" doesn't help?
No. I have tried releasing the connection then renewing it and flushing the DNS cache. Nothing but a reboot helps.
New Re: "ipconfig /flushdns" doesn't help?
lets say the router is subnet mask
and your DNS is

instead of having the desktop use DHCP (obtain address automatically)
code it in

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New Once you've done that
Go into your internet gateway/router/whatever (the device the is responsible for handing out DHCP leases) and exclude a range including the one you just statically assigned. That will make sure it doesn't accidentally hand the same address to another computer - no fun when that happens.
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New Waitaminnitritethar!
I always have ISC's DHCP server ping before handing out.

Oh, yeah oops, I forgot, we aren't using a "proper" dhcp server here probably.
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