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New Do you control the barcode scanner?
Or is it fixed format?

I'm used to industrial (Code 39, Code 128), and I try to get the customer to always have a CR at the end of the scan (scanner is programmed to add CR at end). Most industrial scanners (and IIRC, some of the retail ones) will let you program start/end characters.

If it's a fixed format such as UPC/EAN, then you should know how many characters.

New Yes
But I'm taking 2 mag swipes followed by a bar code on a production line.
Each field has a specific length that I stop at and validate the data (format, dupes, etc). I then jump to the next field.
After all three, I store into a database, log everything, clear out the fields, and prep for the next group.

The issue is when a person scans or swipes the wrong thing. Wrong length, bad validation, etc.

The goal is zero keyboard usage, but I can live with making them clear it out on error.
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