(Awaiting 2.x - enroute)

A while/years back I reported upon the execrable behavior of Dell's Dullards, in response to a non-corporate sale; their complete blowing-off / never delivering a Service Call - paid for at purchase: utterly worthless in practice. Welll ... it's Here, finally - the owner having long since gone all Ape Apple.
All 1.4 GHz and 256M of error-correcting er, RIMM? in a Dimen..tia 8100

(I shall attempt to load any old Doze distro on a wiped HD, having a hunch that the small partition Dell favors for 'diagnostics' and ___? may be related to our inability way-back to load a *New retail/not-Dell-purchased W2K on the sucker - repeatedly. Then either wipe that or go for dual-boot 98SE with Puppy 2.)

* and vetted elsewhere

Puppy is the first distro to recognize a Giant among commercial-grade modems: my bitchin Hayes Optima 5362US. But point of this post from Puuppy/Dell/Hayes is -

that the error and other messages in this distro are not merely informative / in decent English / with complete sentences and syntax -- the entire layout begs to be the choice of a First Linux Experience ... for all those folk at parties you want to 'help' with their Doze-woes.. but Do Not wish to adopt as albatross-for-Liff.


I barely had to scratch the little grey cells re the Dell. Even when a cheap IBM 14" monitor was frustrating X - it recovered to try a simpler option via a xorg wizard. Finally I just went for the better 17" mon. to save eyes. The little mini-explanations are crafted well, so as to educate rather than snipe and.. rather than the typ arrogantly-terse BS one expects became habitual, back in the days when 4k was lots of RAM.

You can save a lot of simple explanations if you hand a Puppy demo to someone not very swift about TLAs and Boolean.

I have yet to investigate its Debbianish roots, especially since apt-get is not always an option for those on dial-up - whether or not this liitle band will survive is irrelevant: clearly one could morph from a little taste of Beginner Success --> Ubuntu K... Mepis et al, once the party has seen how seamlessly the basic functions are facilitated, I wot.

Time to wipe some disks, let 80GB of SpinRite-ing wend its boring repetitive ways -
and hie self off to the creek with The Anatomy of Melancholy, a fine local Chardonnay - and watch the cat pounce (at, usually not On) local fauna not-bigger-than-She.

Too nice a day to zone out on these irritatingly pedantic, humorless, grey-cell-maiming Machines of the Devil-Dolls. (Even if they do seduce, by that cheap-fix adrenaline rush when you finally see WHICH simple-ass thing was bollixing the cardinal decommutator slots. Bugger George Boole - <he> made The Bomb possible.)



PS -
...and I bloody-well need YAN Logitech Trackman WITH SCROLLING! - even for this testing, massaging BS.
No-SCROLL is as ugly as NO TABBED BROWSING! (Yeah I Know - Apple has HORIZ SCROLL too {sigh})

And Thanks! Scott for the Ubuntu posts below; I too need to type up an Intro-intro to go with puppy discs, for Doze victims; especially as some locals inevitably Shall foolishly traipse into a Big Box for a new toy with their one remaining not-Maxed-out CC ... and find selves immersed in Vista vaseline. Need to get an intro down to 4-6 paragraphs + a handful of links aimed at the unwashed.
T. P. B.