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New Uses
EC2 pays off most when usage patterns vary widely. Animation render farms is a good case. Do no rendering today, fire up 100 computers tomorrow to knock off a few scenes.

I'm still waiting for the massively parallel key cracking kit to show up. Need to crack a key fast? Fire up 500 computers for an hour.

Also good for on-demand overload. If you've written a custom load balancer (like I'm doing via mod_rewrite script), you can fob off unexpected load to some EC2 machines on the fly. Useful if you run a site that occasionally gets slashdotted/dugg/reddited.

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New Re: Uses
The load balancing bit is immediately useful only if you don't have a central data store and a very dynamic site, I think. Otherwise you have to do some fancy footwork to get a distributed application.

I'd like to see some images other than Fedora actually supported by Amazon. There are a good number of 3rd party images, yes, but of unknown quality and provenance.

-scott anderson

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