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New Re: Getting closer
MessageBox.Show ("Col is " + FormCodeGrid.CurrentCell.ColumnNumber
+ ", Row is " + FormCodeGrid.CurrentCell.RowNumber
+ ", Value is " + FormCodeGrid[FormCodeGrid.CurrentCell] );

So now how do I pick a particular field in the table,
since only the 1st column has the data I want.

Hm, must be some big differences between the ASP.NET grids and the WinForms grid. The ASP grid doesn't have a concept of selected cell, only selected row.

As for limiting them to the right column, don't bother. Just pull the RowNumber from the current cell and then use that to get the cell you care about. That way it doesn't matter where in the row they click. Though you should somehow mark which columns value is important.

Actually, that might be difficult if the application grid doesn't have a Rows property. But I find it hard to believe that it doesn't have something that does the same thing.

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Certainly, as long as they don't require any treatment.
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