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New Yup - but not over license issues
The FSF crowd REALLY want GPL 3.
It seems most of the rest of the world does not.
Since is if currently "Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;", RMS can made it 3.0 in a blink.

Which in turn can have a huge affect on the hosted market.

I'd bet Amazon would fund a few dozen people to keep the 2.0 branch alive.
New Why - is Amazon in the business of *distributing gcc*?
Or does the GPLv3 say anything compiled with gcc becomes GPLed?

Bull fucking shit, man -- this would only hit Novell if it tries to stick to that Anti-GPL patent scam it [cooked up with | got suckered into by] Microsoft. (Just like the GPLv3 anti-Tivoization provisions wouldn't hit anybody but Tivo and those who, like they, try to lock away their code from the user.) Nobody else; and not even them, if they'd just stop trying to circumvent the original spirit of the GPL.

P.S: "Version 1.2 or any later ..."? ITYM "2", right?

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     Change GPL retroactively? - (andread) - (19)
         Nothing retroactive about it - (crazy) - (3)
             Re: Nothing retroactive about it - (andread) - (2)
                 Define your goal and possible usage -NT - (crazy)
                 Sure you can. For *your* work, *you* can... - (CRConrad)
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             Nope to you - (crazy) - (12)
                 I disagree. - (folkert) - (11)
                     Yes and no - (crazy) - (10)
                         You think Linus will accept patches under anything but 2.0? -NT - (CRConrad) - (1)
                             Dunno - (crazy)
                         There is no way that the Linux KERNEL will ever be... - (folkert) - (7)
                             But the issue is not just the kernel - (crazy)
                             Why would anyone fork GCC, etc? Who? - (CRConrad) - (5)
                                 egcs -NT - (altmann) - (4)
                                     That was neither Novell nor Linus rabid 2.0 gang, was it? -NT - (CRConrad) - (3)
                                         Didn't that get un-forked, too? -NT - (pwhysall) - (2)
                                             Yup - but not over license issues - (crazy) - (1)
                                                 Why - is Amazon in the business of *distributing gcc*? - (CRConrad)
         Thanks Gentlemen - (andread)

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