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New Yah
Too many people just think "I need to store a lot of data on disk - I guess I need a database". They don't realize that databases COST you something too.

If its just about persistence - probably you can do better with plain old files. OTOH, if you really do have a lot of different ways of looking at your data, then a database is just the thing.

I'm actually moving an app from an oodb, which is mostly only good at persistence, to postgres because I have ever expanding reporting requirements.

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New Power of abstractions vs. absolute performance
OODBMSs are supposed to offer better abstractions to make programming easier, but I haven't heard anyone say the performance is acceptable. Eventually the hardware will pick up enough that today's experiments will become practical. But by then we'll be trying to do more, with more data.

Maybe we should keep the greybeards around so that when we hit the wall of what we can do with current hardware, they can remind us how they used to do things.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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