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New The road ahead for PHP?
Any PHP developers in here? I mean apart from me.

I'm after a bit of a reality check. I've got a decent wodge of low-level code I look after at work that is PHP 4. PHP 5 has been out for a little while and my code probably won't work in PHP 5 - it pushes the boundaries of the language and in v5, those boundaries are different shapes. There is also a third-party library that the other web-developers use that also doesn't work in PHP 5. And it's no longer supported.

And I learnt yesterday that PHP 6 is on the horizon...

A PHP 4 to 5 migration would be a lot of work. Where are other people up to? Are you staying on v4 for the foreseeable future? Have you migrated to v5? Are you looking to migrate? I know we will need to go eventually, I'm just trying to get a handle on how soon that could typically be.

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New Question, not answer
PHP6? What's the big draw supposed to be? I know with 5 it was support for OO features, but I haven't been tracking it. So what's the big deal now?

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New I think it's more of a 5.5 than a 6.
There's no announcement yet and all I could find was a technical wishlist.

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New I have not had to really face this
I'm not doing any PHP at my new job, so I have not really had to face this. But I have been following PHP development, as PHP is what I'm using for my experimentation and hobby coding.

From what I have seen, PHP 6 is not going to be a huge shift from PHP 5. Mostly 6 seems like a chance to kill all the stuff left over from 3 and 4 that has been depreciated and giving warnings in 4 and 5.

Right now I would recommend upgrading to 5 if you can. PHP 6 doesn't look like it will create any major coding issues unless you have too much old code sitting around. Of course if your being hosted then you are limited to what the host supports, and they are not fast to upgrade.

New Don't use it's OOP features and the transition be smoother
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