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New Oh my dear lord.
As used in this Agreement, "Authorized Device" means any personal computer or portable media player meeting minimum system requirements that Amazon may establish from time to time or other device that Amazon may authorize from time to time. You may only view Digital Content on Authorized Devices.

Here is your list of authorized devices. Today we're mad at Dell, so you can't use their pcs anymore.

This is unbelievable.
Too much of today's music is fashionable crap dressed as artistry.Adrian Belew
New True meaning of digital convergence
creation of a vertically integrated system of content distribution, with an oligopoly and/or cartel controlling all levels, so as to bind you into their system and fees, similar in manner to how msft bound the business world into their software via the .doc version incompatibility upgrade cycle.

It'll all be about wooing the content providers (read Artists) into using one or another of these systems. Some people (read Madonna) will get huge payoffs; others will be cut out entirely.
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New Fits perfectly the Trotskyite origins of the current cabal
- as well as those of all the popular Dystopias we always enjoyed being horrified-by: until We noticed that We R'One.

The fog creeps in on little pussy-cat feet

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