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New edit: Answers (and why the PSP)
#1 - Provide certain TV shows to a friend that I pulled
of the web.

The shows are in an AVI file format. They play fine on my Linux box using Xine. When my friend tries on his Windows box, he gets sound but no video.

Most of the AVIs you pull from the Internet are AVI Formatted containers with DivX Video and MP3 audio. I know, I've recently helped setup ripping farms for these tasks.

Install the DivX video codecs (versions 4 and 5). MP3 audio is easily read.
#2 - Provide my almost-blind brother readable PDFs on a portable DVD player.

My brother has a lot of PDF files he would like to read. He spends a lot of time on a bus. He does not want to carry a laptop computer.

He can read letters about 2 inches high panning across a screen.

So, I want to be able convert pdf files into individual pages (I know how to do that), but and then convert them to video files, and the video files need to be the slow panning of the text across the screen. I have NO idea how I would do that. Anybody got any?

Since you are going to convert them already why not just use html, javascript and array the data. Sort of like this: [link|http://www.gregfolkert.net/umm-oops.html|My error page]. It has a good basis for what you are looking for. You might need to add stop, reverse and forward functions... but hey you are open to new things... Right?

As long as you can get the text out of the PDF. Providing these are not an IMAGE of text PDF he needs to read.

And as far as the PSP thing, it has an HTML renderer and compliant javascript engine.
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New Re: Needs to add DiVX to Windows (4 and 5)
New I think he's talking about codecs
Get [link|http://www.headbands.com/gspot/|gspot] for your brother. It will identify the codec required. Or get [link|http://sourceforge.net/projects/guliverkli/|Media Player Classic], it plays most every codec/file type out there.
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New Media player Classic
hangs on my PC wheh I click on "File".

But the Windows port of mplayer works for me, I'll forward that along.
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