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New I <3 Ubuntu!
Was poking around my Ubuntu 6.06 Wiki server.

The total space consumed is 21 megabytes. That's for the OS, Apache, Wiki, EVERYTHING. (Well, swap isn't counted, but that's because I don't think the VM image has had to use swap yet)

Damn, I love this thing. I'd like to see billg do that with Windows...
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New Oh, I'm sure he could do that; maybe even top it.
How, you wonder?

Easy -- by using what is usually the best version of *any* of his products.

You know... 3.1!

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New Re: I <3 Ubuntu!
The upgrade to Dapper was satisfyingly easy. It stopped at one point to ask if I wanted to overwrite a modified Apache config, and even showed me a diff. Nice touch.
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