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New Saw that too, but...
....thinking it may not work on IBM's VM. Seems to address 1.5 of Sun's VM though unsupported. Guessing I need an IBM VM-specific tool. Will keep looking...thanks!

New Re-run on Sun's JVM?
If you're just trying to find why it is spinning CPU, and it is pure Java, you'll probably have the problem in any JVM. So use the one that you can debug to get a useful stack trace.

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New point taken...will give it a shot....thx!
     Stack trace from core file? - (slugbug) - (9)
         Googling quickly, jstack? - (ben_tilly) - (3)
             Saw that too, but... - (slugbug) - (2)
                 Re-run on Sun's JVM? - (ben_tilly) - (1)
                     point taken...will give it a shot....thx! -NT - (slugbug)
         uhhh - adb - (broomberg) - (1)
             thought about that, but... - (slugbug)
         would strings help? most of the stack stuff is text innit? -NT - (boxley)
         Solution... - (slugbug) - (1)
             I had confidence that you'd find a solution -NT - (ben_tilly)

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