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New Big old iron - interview w/ENIAC co-creator
[link|http://www.computerworld.com/hardwaretopics/hardware/story/0,10801,108568,00.html|"No one had any idea the transistor and chip technologies would come along so quickly. It is shocking to have your life work reduced to a tenth of a square inch of silicon."]

Die Welt ist alles, was der Fall ist.
New Neat. Thanks for the link.
New Thanks, Rand!
Interesting interview. Eckert is what I call a real engineer. I love the "mouse test".

The remnants of "Vannevar Bush's machine", mentioned on the first page, used to sit in a basement room that was in part a storage room, my lab, and where my part-time technician (an EE student) had a desk. This was in 1962-3.

When fascism comes to America, it'll be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross. -- Sinclair Lewis
New thanx!
the "mouse test" was pretty funny
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New thanks - definitely big iron there (or maybe glass :) )
New 'I have one word for you, son'
Okay - two:

(Whispers in the graduate's ear - and a Starr is borne, or was that Clinton again?)

Plas..[link|http://www.acsa.net/a_computer_saved_the_world.htm|Bletchley Park].

Well, apples, oranges - and dunno how Colossus did on 2nd order diff. equations.
Moot, I suppose | separate continents | compartmentalized secrets.

But Oops: at the bottom is a little tale probably as undear to the New IBM suits as perhaps the saga of Prescott Bush would be anathema to the present Leader of the free world (were someone to pronounce anathema for him.)

(or The FBI Story sans Sat. night radio's musical accompaniment? - as presented to the tykes of yesteryear.)

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         thanks - definitely big iron there (or maybe glass :) ) -NT - (Steve Lowe)
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