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New DTD is an old muddled standard
W3C never went back to try and fix it, settling instead on some other xml extensions to do the trickier bits. Of course, that's always been the rub against DTD => its got its own format that has no relation whatsoever with xml, being more an ancient tongue. Anyhow, it's not too terribly involved, as there's only a finite number of variations of things that can be accomplished.
New And to make it extra fun
The html 4.01 transitional dtd at w3c - the one at the official url and all - has a syntax error, failed to terminate the first element and open a new comment brace.

How sucky is that?

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New Well, they did label it as Transitional...
...meaning Transitional from Bad to Worse. :-)
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                 Well, they did label it as Transitional... - (ChrisR)

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