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New Car woes
I have a 3.5 year old Hyundai van and is started acting up recently. First the battery went dead twice so I had to replace the battery. Then the brakes needed fixing and I needed new tires. It all adds up to money that I don't really have. I am afraid that this is just the first wave of problems. Until now the van has not given us any problems,.
New These are...
Consumables on the vehicle.

Most mini-vans are the worst on Batteries. I'll bet there is something you are not aware of that casued the draining of the battery... umm yeah. But most OEM batteries are really not "long term" ones.

Brakes, well thems the brakes. Everytime you use the brake pedal when moving you are wearing them down. Would you rather they just last forever? Well, to be honest you did buy a Hyundai, not that they are bad or anything of the sort, just that they are economy cars.

Tires, well there again, OEM tires are not typically the best tires you can get. If you want great long-wear tires, you'll be paying $100 per tire, but it would have added more money when you bought the vehicle.

It sucks to spend money on things like this, but what are you gonna do? Trade it in and get another one being trapped into the 3-4 year renewal cycle?
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New Tyres
I have 225/55 R16Z Avon ZZ3s on the back and the same size Continental ContiSport Contacts on the front. I paid about \ufffd85 a wheel for these including fitting, and fully expect them to last for the forty or fifty thousand miles I intend to own the car for. Both types of tyre (I wanted ZZ3s all round because they look nice, but my local tyre place was sold out) have good grip and low noise characteristics. I eschewed the fancier tyres like Goodyear Eagle F1s or Pirelli P6000s because those tyres are, at the kinds of speeds at which I drive, no better than the ones I got but are twice the price.

Ithink that cheap tyres are a false economy, both in terms of finance and safety.

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New you gonna only own the car for 2 years?
Ive had my new one since february and have 16k miles already
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New He lives in the UK box
That means that drives like say Montreal to Toronto are about the longest possible drives he can take, while here that's practically commuting.
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New Prolly...
...but then I do most of my distance in hired vehicles.

I anticipate owning my current car for a couple or three years; long enough to pay it off, not so long that the residual value dips too low.

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