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New El Reg on Solaris 10 x86
Executive Summary:

"I don't like GNOME, because the KDE grass is greener. I'll throw out some unsupported suppositions about tool availability, while I'm at it. Also, it's really good, apart from all the bits that really suck and don't work."

Zones rock; I've played with this. I've no doubt that for Proper Work on Proper Computers, it's the mutt's nuts. But the desktop experience is arse, and it's because Solaris sucks as a desktop, not because it's not got the KDE Magic Pixie Dust.

I say:

This review is crap. Manually configuring the networking on a desktop OS in 2005 is just stupid. Having to switch from Xsun to Xorg display driver (I notice he didn't mention the bit where if you switch from Xsun to Xorg, you have to configure it yourself) to get anything like non-cack performance is retarded. Not being able to boot the installer because of being short of "conventional" memory is idiotic.

On the desktop, Solaris 10 is a net lose at the moment. Not saying so is basically trolling for ad impressions.

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New I was going to point you to that. Thanks for your comments.
I trust you'll drop Tom and/or ed. a line and let him know.

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         I was going to point you to that. Thanks for your comments. - (Another Scott)

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