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New Re: Huh?
don't know except through experience
if IE goes bad all kinds of side effects can be experienced

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New "When IE goes bad..." Luv. It!
shrub\ufffdbish (Am., from shrub + rubbish, after the derisive name for America's 43 president; 2003) n. 1. a form of nonsensical political doubletalk wherein the speaker attempts to defend the indefensible by lying, obfuscation, or otherwise misstating the facts; GIBBERISH. 2. any of a collection of utterances from America's putative 43rd president. cf. BULLSHIT

     Seeing an odd problem with W2K/networking - (Silverlock) - (18)
         I saw the same symptoms recently. - (Another Scott) - (4)
             These are remote users - (Silverlock) - (3)
                 Dunno. It sounds like you've checked most everything. - (Another Scott) - (2)
                     ICLRPDii - (imric)
                     I've seen it before - (Silverlock)
         Static or dynamic IP addresses? - (jbrabeck) - (1)
             Dynamic - (Silverlock)
         Any chance it's an IPv4/IPv6 issue of some kind? - (a6l6e6x)
         Re: Seeing an odd problem with W2K/networking - (andread) - (4)
             Huh? - (Silverlock) - (3)
                 I bet he's thinking of dodgy proxy autoconf doin's. -NT - (pwhysall)
                 Re: Huh? - (andread) - (1)
                     "When IE goes bad..." Luv. It! -NT - (jb4)
         Follow up - (Silverlock) - (4)
             This sounds familiar. - (static) - (3)
                 Yeah,so far-but that may change,as HAL is Middle Kingdom now -NT - (CRConrad) - (2)
                     Only if you think Kdmnun can't keep it up. - (folkert)
                     I'm wondering how you knew who I was thinking of. :-) -NT - (static)

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