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New Looks pretty straight forward to me.
Microsoft simply standardized on a [link|http://www.99-bottles-of-beer.net/language-befunge-88.html|Funge] language that's a [link|http://quadium.net/funge/spec98.html#Whatis|one-dimensional Cartesian Lahey-Space]. :-)
New :-)
Lots of Idiotic Semi-colons? :-)

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New Invoking Captain Clarity, are we...?
New Why? Are you he?
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New Uh... Nooo, not that I know of. Try thinking...
...thinking of someone else we know, who:

A) Has espoused (sometime, somewhere; I can't recall *which* debate exactly) the view that languages that separate (or end) statements with semi-colons, like Pascal and C, are deficient *for that reason*,

and, B) Is in the habit of claiming that *his* debating style is a paragon of clarity, whilst pretty much everybody else's is pretty much the opposite.

Ring a bell now?

(Though, yes, come to think of it, that point "B)" could pretty much be applied to me, too. :-)

   [link|mailto:MyUserId@MyISP.CountryCode|Christian R. Conrad]
(I live in Finland, and my e-mail in-box is at the Saunalahti company.)
Your lies are of Microsoftian Scale and boring to boot. Your 'depression' may be the closest you ever come to recognizing truth: you have no 'inferiority complex', you are inferior - and something inside you recognizes this. - [link|http://z.iwethey.org/forums/render/content/show?contentid=71575|Ashton Brown]
New Oh yeah... oops.
Had a thinko. :-) Yes, I know who you mean, now.

Actually, I've noticed he doesn't usually jump down _my_ throat. Must be all those flaming rows we haven't had.... :-P

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