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New What are the specs?
Maybe the IGM can come up with an alternative solution. I'm willing to look at it. If you can't post it, you can email me. my user id @ email dot USPS dot gov
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New The program.
is not anyway shape or form able to function without Direct Unimpeded Raw Unrestricted Access To The Parallel port.

It is dumping ASCII (7 bit) straight into the device, it recognizes ~ and the CR/LF as the only special characters.

I feed the program, records that are 45 characters wide and 8 lines long.

Last line has a ~ as the first char. It produces the Postnet Barcode that way.

It adjusts delay using whitespace for each line.

It has to have DURUATT Parallel Port.

If you want I can make it a D/L'able. Single proggy == 124357 Bytes

Amazingly this sucks.
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New Inkjet printer. Who's?
New Astro Machine Corp.
The program was custom written by BCC Software (yes that BCC Software) for Ohio Addressing (the Mailing equipment Re-seller). They gave Ohio Addressing 100% of the source/etc, purging it from the repository. Ohio Adressing promptly lost it completely or discarded it not realizing.

We have a slew of AJS-9500 (Astrojet II) that are all working on P120 machines and slower, using DOS v4.01-6.22. These are the ones I am aching for. With the 9500 we get 60,000 impressions per cartridge. So the cartridge cost is minimal, seeing as we get them in bulk.

We also have Domino Inkjet(6 head), Prism Inkjet(8 head) and Cheshire/Videojet JetstreamII (4 head) and Videojet 9000 imaging system with 8 heads. These are recirculating ink, flow-cycle time based machines and have already been proven to work in Win2K/XP even though they are older than dirt (except the 9000)
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New Re: The program.
Can you try XP
it will let you run the exe as Win 98

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New First line in the initial post
So, I have this problem you see. It is called Windows 2000/XP.
A good friend will come and bail you out of jail ... but, a true friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn...that was fun!"
New Yeap Tried that too.
It actually got farther with W2K than with WXP.

For the time being, since I have a deadline to meet with at least 2 of these machines... I am adding Win98 to the production area. BUT this cannot last, My plan is to rid me the problems of administration of Win9X/ME which is cauing me twice the headache, as I have to have 2 setups for Win9X as compared to W2K/XP.
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New BTW, an FYI.
It didn't dawn on me until recently that your little danasoft signs can't identify the OS when I'm using OS/2and Firefox.

Haven't tried it with Mozilla or old Netscape on OS/2, but I'm pretty sure it won't get it right even then.

Just checked Netscape 4.61 on OS/2. Same result.
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New Well, they're wrong in other ways, too.
Never mind the trivial feat of finding out my IP address -- there is, too, a spoon!

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(I live in Finland, and my e-mail in-box is at the Saunalahti company.)
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New It gets my OS and browser right...
...but the IP and ISP are completely wrong.

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