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New Peter, I realy must congratulate you
on the proper spelling of the word "behavior" in the guidelines. It must have taken a lot of work on your part :).

And what are we doing when the two most powerful nations on earth -- America and Israel -- stomp on the elementary rights of human beings?

-- letter to the editor from W. Ostermeier, Liechtenstein

Expand Edited by Arkadiy March 10, 2005, 09:08:03 AM EST
New Not really.
I just stole Scott's sporks and refused to release them until the spelling was corrected.

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New Why blame him? :-)

Is it enough to love
Is it enough to breathe
Somebody rip my heart out
And leave me here to bleed
Is it enough to die
Somebody save my life
I'd rather be Anything but Ordinary

-- "Anything but Ordinary" by Avril Lavigne.

     Peter, I realy must congratulate you - (Arkadiy) - (2)
         Not really. - (pwhysall)
         Why blame him? :-) -NT - (static)

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