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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Baked, slowly.
So they turn butter-soft.

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New raw dipped in seal oil
Any opinions expressed by me are mine alone, posted from my home computer, on my own time as a free american and do not reflect the opinions of any person or company that I have had professional relations with in the past 48 years. meep
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New with sweetbread and tofu cheese
New Or boiled and mashed, like potatoes.
     turnips - (davesteapot) - (28)
         Baked, slowly. - (pwhysall) - (3)
             raw dipped in seal oil -NT - (boxley) - (1)
                 with sweetbread and tofu cheese -NT - (Another Scott)
             Or boiled and mashed, like potatoes. -NT - (CRConrad)
         ... are the ones that get the girls. -NT - (admin)
         I like them, too. - (bionerd) - (22)
             They make me want to puke! - (bepatient) - (1)
                 ;-D -NT - (bionerd)
             Excuse me whilst I projectile Vomit. - (folkert) - (19)
                 It is a silly place. -NT - (ben_tilly) - (18)
                     Jung would have wanted it this way. -NT - (a6l6e6x) - (12)
                         You must feel like you're in an inverted zoo all the time -NT - (tuberculosis) - (11)
                             All that did was remind me of... - (folkert)
                             Hey, what's up Todd? - (jake123) - (9)
                                 I don't think his stupid editing bot will answer you. -NT - (CRConrad) - (8)
                                     Yeah, something seems to be up. Hope he's OK. -NT - (jake123) - (7)
                                         he is... back to his normal thoughtfulness -NT - (folkert) - (6)
                                             And, of course -- this warm welcome will be encouraging -NT - (Ashton) - (5)
                                                 And how could that have been helped? Are you saying we... - (CRConrad) - (4)
                                                     Nah - just hadn't read enough foribuses yet - (Ashton) - (3)
                                                         What's a foribus? -NT - (crazy) - (2)
                                                             Latin: Imperfect Future Subjunctive for "forum" -NT - (Another Scott)
                                                             A bus w/ full time 4-wheel drive? - (jb4)
                     I prefer "quirky place" - (Nightowl) - (4)
                         The LRPD I was quoting said silly. -NT - (ben_tilly) - (3)
                             Will the real LRPD please stand up? -NT - (FuManChu) - (1)
                                 We're not surrounded, we're in a target-rich environment! -NT - (inthane-chan)
                             Ah, sorry - (Nightowl)

Ben "I make grown men want to slit their wrists" Tilly.
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