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New Bravo!
I've always suspected that the siege of Troy was closer to a village fistfight with bloodshed than to an event of epic proportions!
New when you consider the attitudes of the correspondents
who practiced the phalanx by ripping out trees and calling it fucking, they took their warfare serious. Either that or 2 guys were in the trojan horse and 5 guys waited outside. Hey maybe your right! Condom brand trojan is much smaller than magnum!
can I have my ones and zeros back?
New Agreement, but question
Arkadiy: I've always suspected that the siege of Troy was closer to a village fistfight with bloodshed than to an event of epic proportions!
Yeah, sure... But: What is "epic proportions", then, if not just lots of bloodshed?
   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who Knows Fucking Everything
New Definition of epic proportions:
Such that someone is willing to compose an epic.

An unsung hero is one who failed to properly inspire the poets - poets find heroic deeds and generosity to poets far more inspirational than heroic deeds alone.

Like the current situation where a small event with good video is more newsworthy than a large one without, I suspect the Trojan War was an epic event in large part because of the quality of the poets who sang of it. It did involve the destruction of a significant enough city that evidence could be found thousands of years later, so we aren't talking about a completely media-generated event.

White guys in suits know best
- Pat McCurdy
New Certainly not lots of bloodshed
Most of the major (oh, let's say the top five) battles of WW 1 were bloodier than almost every previous conflict in the world combined, with the possible exception that the American Civil War might skew the "every previous conflict" a bit.

What was it, a million or two at Verdun? Come to think of it, I don't think I've seen *any* epic movies or stories about that war.
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New sgt york? Rather tame by what actually happened.
I would love to see a realistic remake of that story. A typical hill boy who cut his teeth on guns but was peaceable by nature.
Our bureaucracy and our laws have turned the world into a clean, safe work camp. We are raising a nation of slaves.
Chuck Palahniuk
New Wouldn't be beleivable.
That story could only happen in real life.

For those unfamiliar, York was a young man seriously dedicated to peace. IIRC, he was drafted.

Anyway, he found himself alone and facing a German installation that was about to do some things that were not peacable. (Was it executing the rest of his unit? I really should look this up again.) So Sgt. York captured them. All by himself. The story goes that he later explained that he surrounded them...

Saved many Allied lives. And did so while respecting, as much as possible under the circumstances, the lives of the enemy. From what I have heard, he remained a very gentle and peacefull man.

A hero in every sense of the term*.

It is a shame that his story is not more commonly known.


* Including the nearly ancient Greek one. But not the really ancient Greek term. That term meant a vampire-type undead person, and later the usage changed to refer specificaly to one who lives past death by epic poetry of his deeds.
White guys in suits know best
- Pat McCurdy
New Here's the story
His unit was pinned down by a machine gun nest, and they were trying to outflank it and come at it from the rear. The rest of the flanking unit captured a number of Germans and between guarding them and trying to keep from being shot by the machine guns were trying to figure out what to do. York went on ahead to the machine gun emplacement and started picking them off one by one (as he put it, they had to stick their heads up to see him and he'd touch them off when they did) until a few rushed him. Eventually the German unit became so demoralized that the major surrendered his unit . As York was marching his 100 prisoners back to the American lines, they picked up a few others.

From his account ([link|http://www.alvincyork.org/Diary.htm|http://www.alvincyork.org/Diary.htm]),

There were considerably over 100 prisoners now. It was a problem to get them back safely to our own lines. There were so many of them, there was danger of our own artillery mistaking us for a German counterattack and opening upon us. I sure was relieved when we ran into the relief squads that had been sent forward through the brush to help us.

OCTOBER 8th 1918 (continued)

So when I got back to my major's p.c. I had 132 prisoners.
We marched those German prisoners on back into the American lines to the battalion p.c. (post of command), and there we came to the Intelligence Department. Lieutenant Woods came out and counted 132 prisoners. And when he counted them he said, "York, have you captured the whole German army?" And I told him I had a tolerable few.
French Zombies are zapping me with lasers!
New No idea he had kept a diary - thanks.
While the Hollywood version did present some improbables - like the Major? being much concerned with York's philosophical misgivings - it seems that Gary Cooper gave us a reasonable facsimile of York. (The artifice of giving turkey calls! as he picked off the Germans in a trench, one by one - seems utterly York-like, as I read his own words.. Hell, even if it isn't true (?) I'd prefer to believe it.)

At least I cannot imagine a sequel which might add anything to his performance - there are no young Gary Coopers. Would that H'wood would learn that you just can't remake most other classic performances (say, Sabrina.. or any of the noir flics).


New "Tunes of Glory", "All Quiet on the Western Front"

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