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New What do you mean by "topic"?
Give me a schema and (if it's not *too* complex) I could write one for you on top of my web app framework + ORM. Haven't tried it on OSX, but it *is* Python--I'm willing to give it a go if you are. I already have a directory page for my company, so it would be mostly stripping my existing app down to meet your needs.

How soon do you need it? How pretty do you need it? ;)
New The usual schema
of business name, address, phone, contact person (if available), web site and e-mail (if available), keywords to search, one or more classifications to browse. No normalization intended for now.

I don't know how pretty I want it... I do know that I'd like to do it myself. Would you advise downloading your toolkit and trying?

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New You can download it, sure.

The webapp framework is "Cation" and the ORM is "Dejavu". As I said, I haven't tested it on OSX, so it's a bit selfish of me to ask you to test it for me ;) You might want to try Todd's Seaside route first. Meh.

Here's a screenshot of my current directory page:
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