These thin clients are about the size of one of those blue Linksys DSL/Cable routers. Thinner, actually, and they can even be velcroed to a monitor. They cost less than $400.

The 2212 clients come with Ericom PowerTerm emulation, which is all the LIS software vendor cared about, and saying the stations "run Windows" made it an easy sell. The customer particularly liked the small size so he didn't need more space than for his old Wyse wy50 and wy60 terminals - actually less with the flat screen monitors.

I set them up on the network with two logins, one for his old system and one for the new system, both with wy50/60 emulation. Everything was fully functional, ready for training and switching the test instruments over to the new server - then the guy sold the lab to LabCorp (a large medical testing laboratory company).

Apparently LabCorp is hooking them up to it's centralized computers using a VPN. I don't know what'll happen to that gonzo Dell rack mount server system it took me a day to set up, but I've been paid so it doesn't really matter to me.