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New Skype net-to-phone converter?
I'd like to do some VOIP, and Skype seems to have the best deal, but I don't want to have the computer tied up 24/7 for phone usage. I know that Vonage has network->device->POTS phone devices, does anybody manufacture a similar device for Skype?

(Yes, I've tried looking a bit. No, I haven't found anything. Yes, my google-fu is weak.)
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New Haven't seen one yet
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New Saw phone-to-soundcard adapter when I first looked at Skype.
after lengthy googling, I found one for $75. Wanted to vomit at first, then seriously thought of designing one myself, then got Vonage.

OK, so I'm lazy.
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     Skype net-to-phone converter? - (inthane-chan) - (2)
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         Saw phone-to-soundcard adapter when I first looked at Skype. - (imric)

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