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New I was thinking of emailing Lynndal
Just to let him know, hey, this is free, and all the people who used to go to your site seem to enjoy it.

-scott anderson
New Re: I was thinking of emailing Lynndal
A thought I had as I posted that....

"Its GPLed".


Maybe you can get them to hire you an a conslutant and shoehorn popups and ads and make it look as bad as the rest of their site. :)

Offer to do it for 1/2 of what they paid for the last two. :)

New Ah but..
All things taken together - from er "our times" and since:

I believe they want merely - a small ongoing appearance of their (madly creating 10M lines of new code?) carefully.. moving towards.. a rilly Enterprise-Level\ufffd Super-Site for sore eyes (which is why the present site - er, makes ones eyes sore - readin them dk. grey symbols on them dk. blue backgrounds).

But really n'truly: management Does Not Want even the merest chance of a bunch of Yahoos makin snide remarks about their innate ineptness, their evident biases - and overall - Dumbth in All Things.

Yet.. they must pretend that, they rilly Are Getting There!

Just my assessment - nothing else makes any sense. No One can be That Dumb - unintentionally! A 13-year old (well not Any 13-year old, but many..) could have done better than the last two stabs.

InfotainmentWorld - the Real Wave of the Future. Here Now.
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