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New I guess this belongs here.
I wandered into forums.infoworld.com today. (don't everybody go there now and raise the hit count, that's why I didn't URLize it :) )

I'll just tell you. Looks like they're getting 2 posts a *week* there.

It looks like "modern art" (ie, ugly as sin and no idea what the 'image' is supposed to be of.

They started a discussion of the Microsoft anti-trust issue 6/28.

9 posts. One from Lyndall.

Just thought I'd mention it.

One note - I thought about posting about here there.

But I think that would be rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. (And I'd have to make a comment about how this took a couple of weeks).

So I'm sure others of us will have the same thoughts. Lets be nice, OK?

In fact, I'd say, lets appoint someone to say ONE thing about this site, and let them post once. (once Karsten! :P )... Maybe Scott, if he'd like.

I don't see the need in creating/encouraging any rift or bad blood.

After all, I think the various volumes are speaking for themselves. What else could we do that's worse? Being nasty or snide just makes our "loss" seem more acceptable/worthwhile, ya know?

So, I'll ask everybody who might go ponder.. don't say anything. :) Its better not to.

And if we want to say something, lets let Scott (or someone kind of "for the group" do it.... How does that sound?

(voluntary restraint's not censorship! (to head off the rights argument that might start, the way things have been going. :))

New I was thinking of emailing Lynndal
Just to let him know, hey, this is free, and all the people who used to go to your site seem to enjoy it.

-scott anderson
New Re: I was thinking of emailing Lynndal
A thought I had as I posted that....

"Its GPLed".


Maybe you can get them to hire you an a conslutant and shoehorn popups and ads and make it look as bad as the rest of their site. :)

Offer to do it for 1/2 of what they paid for the last two. :)

New Ah but..
All things taken together - from er "our times" and since:

I believe they want merely - a small ongoing appearance of their (madly creating 10M lines of new code?) carefully.. moving towards.. a rilly Enterprise-Level\ufffd Super-Site for sore eyes (which is why the present site - er, makes ones eyes sore - readin them dk. grey symbols on them dk. blue backgrounds).

But really n'truly: management Does Not Want even the merest chance of a bunch of Yahoos makin snide remarks about their innate ineptness, their evident biases - and overall - Dumbth in All Things.

Yet.. they must pretend that, they rilly Are Getting There!

Just my assessment - nothing else makes any sense. No One can be That Dumb - unintentionally! A 13-year old (well not Any 13-year old, but many..) could have done better than the last two stabs.

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