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New Please learn before u do
I would like to add my opinion on this article ...

First, I really hate the cynical theme,
great hackers are the few etc... etc...

Yea, I dont disagree, great ppl are few everywhere

replace ppl by hackers, models, doctors ...

depends on what you mean by great ...

I believe the real point was that there is a gap
but then, that doesnt answer
why is the gap between good and great, in hackers
is bigger then the gap between good and great, in doctors

And by the way I do think the Jeep wrangler, cadillac, thunderbird, firebird ...
are all pretty nice cars, yeaaaa sure if you compare then to
ferrari maybe they wont be great
but whatever dude ... they are pretty nice cars

why make such an obsene generalization that american cars are ugly
why is this clicher statement so popular and why do so many
ppl take it for granted ...

and what type of person would repeat such a statement
a stereotypical, discriminating statement


And, why are software companies dooomed
Sun have billions
Oracle have billions
IBM ... billions
Microsoft BILLIONS
BEA .... $$$$$$
Red-Hat .... $$

and many many many maaaaaaaaaaaany more software firms
are making pretty decent money

so where is exactly the problem, why was he crying
what did he want to show

office space:

but then of course we allowed him to call american cars sucks
so yea, why not enlighten us about the importance of quietness in
office space

that is a small section in my MIS book about the importance
of egronomics in the office spaces

there are books writing on its ... okay many not books ... but at least

egronomics is a science of its own

management is a science too

marketing is also a real thing

just read them please
I know I know , they are big, each one of these books will average a 600 pages
but please take the time to read them

it's really scary how many ppl will prefer to read a 13 page article
and call it interesting, and refuse to read about the real deal in a 600 pages

don't u ppl believe in science !!!!

but then, yea maybe

many ppl do, before they learn
and learn as they do
if they only try to learn before they do
and learn more as they do
and refuse to do, if they havent learned

i remember reading comments for a dude on this forum
who taught a c++ class
one, he hates c++
two, he dont know c++ that well

so why does he teach c++

i dont know
yea, i hope u read it
i hate u
and the likes of u
and the ppl who answer to u
not telling u
get a clue
before u teach the class
and ruin the little kids
who trusted u
to have a clue

many ppl like u
made my life a nightmare
teacher who just read the chapter before they came into the class

please learn before u do
c++ in not ur problem
you are the problem

I do believe that the gap between most good doctors and great doctors
good hackers and great hackers

is education ... good educations

time and time again
paul graham, spit his poison
and try to make his point that its a talent
its luck

and ignores the importance of education and learning

to use c++ well, to teach c++ well
you need to learn more then just c++

well, i dont want to put too much high standard for you
but you also need to learn about being a good teacher

which u can also learn from books about teaching
but how many ppl will read about teaching before teaching

i dont know


i can go for ever, but i think i made my point clear, well enough

i think i have a talent

tell me what talent that is?
New Your talent is rambling, apparently (new thread)
Created as new thread #166829 titled [link|/forums/render/content/show?contentid=166829|Your talent is rambling, apparently]
"Despite the seemingly endless necessity for doing
so, it's actually not possible to reverse-engineer intended invariants
from staring at thousands of lines of code (not in C, and not in
Python code either)."

Tim Peters on python-dev
New Re: Please learn before u do
i remember reading comments for a dude on this forum
who taught a c++ class
one, he hates c++
two, he dont know c++ that well
If you're referring to Todd Blanchard, he knows C++ a hell of a lot better than most people do. He also knows what he doesn't know, which is a sign of someone who really knows their shit. As far as why he would teach something he doesn't like: everyone needs a paycheck. This is something you'll come to understand with experience as well.

Books are good things. Books are not the end-all and be-all of learning. Most of us here have a decade or more of experience in the real world. I myself have been programming for 23 years.

Education and learning are good things as well. But in this field (once you've actually been in it, my young friend) you learn pretty quickly that there are programmers, and then there are wizards. The difference isn't education.

Computer theory is a science.

Software design is as much of an art as it is science, at this point. Which you would understand if you pulled your nose out of a book occasionally...

Might I suggest you work on your writing style a bit, as well. Your post is exceedingly difficult to follow.

-scott anderson

"Welcome to Rivendell, Mr. Anderson..."
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New Troll much?
New Nah
His (I assume he) historical posts show an affinity for tech while really doing business courses. Which means he's a forever wannabe.

And now he's using leet speak for the fun of it.

Kind of sad.
New And what would your background be?
Marketing is a science? Management is a science? Learning teaching from a book? Are we living in the same universe?

"...was poorly, lugubrious and intoxicated."

-- Patrick O'Brian, "Master and Commander"
New Drivel.
And illiterate drivel at that.

[link|http://www.debian.org|Shill For Hire]
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