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New Re: Read Peopleware
I'd work in the closet to be part of an APL or FORTH team, and my productivity would decline by an infinitesimal amount, if any. I'd be horribly unproductive in shidioms with a penthouse overlooking the ocean. It's the beauty and elegance of the "nice solution" that are compelling.
New And you're missing the point
Working in a closet your interruption rate would be cut down. It is far from an ideal environment, but it is better than being interrupted all of the time in a noisy cubicle environment.

Working in a "status office" has its own productivity drawbacks. For instance any decent developer would prefer to have a desk with lots of space rather than the fancy wood desk. Or another whiteboard instead of the status picture hanging on the wall.

To deny the indirect purchaser, who in this case is the ultimate purchaser, the right to seek relief from unlawful conduct, would essentially remove the word consumer from the Consumer Protection Act
- [link|http://www.techworld.com/opsys/news/index.cfm?NewsID=1246&Page=1&pagePos=20|Nebraska Supreme Court]
New Re: And you're missing the point
Hmm, I've worked in lots of cubicles and as a contractor, considered myself fortunate to have one. I've sometimes worked from a folding church table.

Right now I'd work from the throne in a crowded bathroom.

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