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New Short answer, no.
You don't have to use a W2K based DNS server for AD to work.

However, it must support a few things:

1. SRV records - see RFC 2052.
2. Dynamic Update Protocol - see RFC 2136.
3. Incremental Zone Transfers - see RFC 1995.

BIND version 8.2 onwards supports all these, IIRC.

Version 9.1.3 certainly does, according to the administrator manual.
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New However
If you have your DNS server integrated into Active Directory, it's one less thing to worry about - if your AD database files are properly looked after, so are your DNS files.

Double edged sword, of course - if AD becomes hosed you run the risk of losing DNS services. But then, AD is actually distributed over the domain controllers via replication and this means that it's really quite resilient.
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