Ever wonder how to get your great idea in front of Microsoft developers? Ever wish Windows Server had a feature you thought of, but didn\ufffdt know how to let Microsoft know about it? Well, this is your chance. We\ufffdve set up a dedicated website where you can submit your ideas for the next version of Windows Server. If you choose to be contacted, we\ufffdll also be able to send you a response or ask for clarifications about your feedback.

#1 Fix the security flaws in Windows 2003 and build security into the design as you write the code.

#2 Remove all the backdoors from Windows 2003, I want a secure server OS.

#3 One word, "stability", can you guys make Windows 2003 stable?

#4 Fix the memory leaks in your sloppy code. We also need more resource memory.

#5 Have a database that documents all the hidden and undocumented API calls so I can interface with your OS as well as your developers can.

#6 Build in a feature that detects and removes viruses, worms, spyware, adware, and other malware. I hate my network getting hit with the malware of the week because one of my users forgot to scan an attachment before opening it.

#7 Fix the security of IIS, I do not like my web server being owned by the script-kiddie of the week.

#8 Bring back the Dr. Watson application, I need help trying to find out what part of Windows is failing on me.

#9 Give me better security logs so that I can find out who is trying to attack or break into my server.

#10 I am embarrassed to admit that I use Windows for my web server, give me a cloaking ability to lie about the web server and OS to other systems. Make them think I am running Apache 2.0 on Plan9, maybe it will fool the script-kiddies?

Ok let me submit this under my Orion account and see what they say? ;)

Edit: I tried, their stupid form keeps looping back to the data entry part. If there is an error or problem, it is not telling me what it is. I guess they are filtering out certain words like bug, exploit, security, etc?

Edit2: I removed the pound signs, made it as small and simple as possible and the same darn thing happened. Either their feedback form is broken or they do not want feedback talking about security, code, or bugs.