Let me suggest that you refine that statement to read: Finish college and earn that BA in business management first, so I know what not to do and how not to do it!.

I already know something about that, I failed two businesses already and learned what not to do. I also learned from the mistakes that many of the Dotcoms and other companies have made. I also learned from the mistakes that many of my managers made. I also learned from some of the big guys what not to do like Enron, MCI/Worldcom, AOL/Time Warner, Apple, and yes even Microsoft. The company I will manage will not make the same mistakes they made, or even be managed the same way they are. It will be managed the new way, servant leadership and organizational management, we will not even use classical management, as that is so 20th/19th/18th century and we are moving into the 21st century and beyond.