Put ads in the local classifieds that you will do home repair. Have a price list available (suggest the same price as best buy to start..going to the home is the premium.

See what interest it generates.

I do not want to butt heads with the various Unions out there. When I said DIY I was talking about DIY crafts, not DIY house repair.

Why would you want to earn a million then blow it trying to develop software?

Pich a sure thing at that point. Trying to improve on a million in the bank is more risk than reward. While many are willing to take that chance, based upon your input here I would guess you to be slightly more averse to that risk than say...Paul Allen.

It is my dream, my vision, to develop software. I have all these ideas in my head that need to come out and become software products. I only lack the resources I need to complete my dream/vision. Time, people, and money.

The idea is to do well enough to get an Angel/Investor like Allen to invest in the company so we can expand.

What is business without the risk anyway? To get strikes, you got to risk balls. Rather than invest it in the stock market, I'd rather invest it in my own company and see what happens.