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New OS/360 historic, architectural information?
I'm digging up some dirt on the old OS/360 batch system, and I've done the usual googling - does anybody have any good sites that tend to get overlooked? Personal experiences? Stories? Goofy tricks?

Much appreciated,
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New What are you looking for?
IIRC it was an IBM 360/40E (or H) that I learned COBOL, RPG, and Fortran.
New Just about anything related to the OS architecture.
Yet Another Paper, for the "operating systems" class. I still have to go over and see what, if anything, IBM has about the system on their website. I'm aware it was a batch processing OS, with multithreading added in later versions of the OS. I've found some good info on the web, but I'm still lacking in specifics on how the OS itself functioned.
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New You may want to look at Hercules.

Hercules is an open source software implementation of the mainframe System/370 and ESA/390 architectures, in addition to the new 64-bit z/Architecture. Hercules runs under Linux, Windows 98, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Mac OS X 10.2 and later.

Lots of links there.


New Sorry, can't help. Me being an Application Programmer then.
New The Mythical Man-Month
Probably not what you're really looking for, but its author ran the OS/360 project, and several of the essays were about his experience doing so.

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New Here's more, maybe.
[link|http://www.beagle-ears.com/lars/engineer/comphist/ibm360.htm|Some S/360 history]. You will note some discussion about the model 67. I was an engineer on that CPU and knew it intimately.
The original 360 family was announced in 1964, and the lower midrange model 40 was the first to ship a year later. The most interesting version was model 67 (first shipped June 1966) which had hardware to support virtual memory. IBM had planned a special operating system for it (TSS/360), which they never managed to get to work well enough to be usable. Within IBM, model 67 was used with a system known as CP-67, which allowed a single 360/67 to simulate multiple machines of various models. This turned out to be very useful for developing operating systems.
Indeed, I was temporarily assigned to help with the development of TSS/360 and did some of the modules. That OS got nowhere. The CP-67 OS, really a research project, became a very successful "un-planned" product. This was the first commercially used virtual machine OS (akin to VMWare of today). The CP-67 OS became the VM/370 OS with the next generation of CPUs.

And in the above, a reference to: [link|http://www.research.ibm.com/journal/rd/441/amdahl.pdf| Architecture of the IBM System/360] by Gene Amdahl, Fred Brooks and G A Blaauw. (16 pages, PDF).

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New Thanks all!
I've always known I was walking with giants here, but didn't realize we had a System/360 engineer on staff. :)

Was hoping for some secret trove of OS/360 information, but Google is too good for its own good sometimes... :P
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New Are u still looking ? - in another life ..

I was a country IBM 360/* Software support specialist on DOS/360 & to a lesser degree OS/360 plus Compilers & networking. Was country specialist for CICS as well (IBM's original on-line system for data entry & later transactions).

(Also worked with 370/*)

Know the 360/370 familiy like the back of my hand :-) also some knowledge of 390/*

Am sure I can provide you with some info on how the OSes worked (& largely still do)

Doug M


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New That was soooo last quarter. :D
Thanks, though. Would be cool to hear, iffn I had time to read it...
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