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New lets see if I can find the right forum this time
a patch was stuffed in, changing shared mem from 209 megs to 80 now the java code exhibits the following behavior edited to protect the guilty
2004-02-08 18:40:23:656 : file blablabla : dbError : blabla0007 Database
related error. : (Error Without Msg) getUserPermission, error: java.sql.SQLExcep
tion: ORA-01003: no statement parsed
it seems when shared mem got parsed we lost any ability to check perms. 3k users possible on a system with 700 weekend workers we have a gig plus allocated in /etc/systems on an HP 8400 is this reasonable with Java/Oracle or does it seem somewhat horked? to me it seems like the allocated mem should be plenty. Where should I look?
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